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    Part Number: 51910146833

    Brings fresh colour to the streets. The paint spray set includes a colour basecoat in Pepper White non-metallic and a protective clear lacquer to allow repair of even slightly larger paintwork damage. Application of the paint is flawless with the help of practical spray cans.

    Benefits of the paint spray set, Pepper White non-metallic, at a glance:
    • simple repair of paintwork damage
    • protective two-layer structure of the topcoat is maintained
    • no laborious blending of the right shade necessary
    • easy spray-can application
    • includes: 150 ml basecoat in Pepper White non-metallic, 150 ml clear lacquer

    Delivery Overview:

    • 1 Spray paint set, consists of:
    • 1 Base coat, 150 ml.
    • 1 Clear coat, 150 ml.

    Additional Information:

    Technical Information:

    • Before use, the base coat and clear varnish must be shaken thoroughly (for at least 5 minutes), otherwise shade differences may occur.
    • Depending on the depth of the paint damage, sanding and the use of a primer may be appropriate to prevent rusting.
    • Following the initial application (base coat), allow this to dry for around 30 minutes before applying the clear varnish.
    • The drying time depends on the ambient temperature. Moist and cold climates with temperatures below 15 degrees are not suitable for this.


    • Pepper White plain.

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